And the Wall Came Crumbling Down


Translation:  “Disemboweled my happy memories lay in the muddy harbor this black day I agonized this conquered land as a child drowned in his own tears.  Alone among the corpses of my hopes disappointed , I contemplated life away from me without regret and that day of darkness swallowed whole any man that I was . While the heart of the thicker nights a very old smile came bloom on my lips. Hope gave me the most precious treasures of the promise of a new day to fight.”

Berlin is a City that continues to redefine itself.  It was a City of Terror during WWII as the Nazis discimated the Jewish Community.  Then it became a divided City for 28 years until the Wall finally came down in 1989.  Now it is a City that is working hard to accomodate the largest population of Syrian refugees in the world.  So much of the graffiti on the wall tells of the struggles and triumphs of this great City.  In the words of John F. Kennedy, “Ich bin ein Berliner”  I am a Berliner.

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