Troll Fashion

I love animated movies and I am not ashamed to admit it. Even if I’m the only Junior in a sea of 5 year olds, I could care less! The new movie, Trolls, by Dream Works, has everything I love. There is singing, dancing, a love story, and even a makeover moment! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Trolls wear blinking lights that remind them to hug each other every half hour! Of course, there are a few kleenex moments, because when Trolls lose hope, they also lose their color, which reminded me of where we are today in our Election process. Today we have a tendency to take ourselves far to seriously, so my recommendation is hug your friends, dance often and don’t lose your color (I learned that lesson from my friend Nuclia Waste)


So of course after seeing the movie, I couldn’t resist checking out Betsey Johnson’s new Troll line at Macy’s. From cupcake purses, troll hair rings, and puffball hats, she has it all. Each and every piece is fun and unique and perfect for all ages and can bring color to anyone’s life. So be sure to check it out because there’s something for everyone!

I would highly recommend going to see the movie and obviously check out Betsey Johnson’s new line! You’ll fall in love with both! And don’t forget to give someone a hug today when your blinking light goes off.



XoXo – Penn

Thank you to Kylie Fitts for your amazing photography!

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