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Wow, I can’t believe how busy the Summer months can be.  There are parties every weekend leaving so little time to shop! Like most high school seniors, I have several invitations to graduation parties as well as so many friends turning turning 18.  It’s a good idea to look for party attire that can serve double duty, whether it’s an outdoor BBQ or a sit-down dinner. For me, I chose to begin with this cuter-than-cute floral pink, strapless romper from Patterns and Pops.  It has endless possibilities! Since so many graduation parties are outdoors, a strapless romper can get rather cool in the evenings, so pair it with a kimono. This beautiful mauve kimono from Starlet , will ward off those breezy Summer nights.  Another really fun Summer accessory is a straw hat, plus it allows you to have a bad hair day and nobody will notice!  This little hat from Pink’s really completes any outdoor look.  

Graduation party gifts from parents and grandparents usually come in the form of very necessary little envelopes containing checks to help out with all those school expenses.  But when it comes to what teens should buy each other for grad gifts, it should definitely be a little more fun. I suggest stopping by the Tattered Cover and picking up a few helpful books that can help your friends get ready for over the Summer.  One of my favorites is by Harlan Cohen, The Naked Roommate and a 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into At College.  Another really cute idea is from Wish Gifts, 100 Questions, a Conversation Toolkit.  It is a great way to break the ice with your new college roommates.

I have found that one of the easiest ways to change a look is to simply change your shoes.  If you go from flats to high heels, you will be surprised at how different an outfit appears.  Another trick is to downsize. By that I mean take strip away the accessories and just opt for a small sweet necklace, like this pink stone chain from Starlet.   Oftentimes friends leave us. I don’t mean they leave our hearts, just our locations.  I have had several friends who have moved because their parents have either taken a new job or maybe to be closer to family.  In either case, it’s important to make sure you take the time to attend their going away party and let them know how much they will be missed.  Sometimes these parties can be a little sad, so it’s best to lighten up the mood with some bright lipstick and a pair of cute high heels. Also a small token to remember their Denver friends is a good idea.  I like to buy small frames, like this small blue bird frame from Talulah Jones,  and put a photo in them, so they can put it in their room as a reminder of our friendship.  Don’t forget if you are attending a party at a friend’s home, it’s always nice to bring their mom a gift too.  If they are moving out of state, a sweet gift to remember Colorado, could be as simple as a Ritual Chocolate Bar or some Highland Honey made exclusively in Boulder.  

For this romper’s final appearance, it’s time to get a little edgy for a big 18 year old birthday bash at your favorite restaurant.  It’s so easy to get edgy with this black leather jacket from Stitch Boutique.  Pink and black are a great color combination and will definitely turn heads when you walk in the door.  For me girlfriends’ birthdays are the easiest to buy for. What girl doesn’t love a smell candle or a sweet roll on perfume from Glow.  Now if it’s a boy, I might recommend a pair of Rockies tickets as a way to spend some time together.

Finally before you head to all the parties on your social media calendar, here is some advice that you have probably heard a hundred times from you mom, but it’s definitely worth repeating:

smallredheartRSVP on time.  Dude, don’t be rude, because people need to ensure they have enough refreshments on hand and the only way they can do that is if you let them know you are coming!

smallredheartGifts don’t have to be expensive, just meaningful.  Think about the person and buy a thoughtful gift and include a handwritten note.  I know that girls love to get beautiful smelly candles and boys might like a night out at a Colorado Rockies game.  Either way, these are inexpensive ways to show someone how much you care.

smallredheartDon’t be a party pooper.  If there are games going on, please participate.  You might be surprised at your croquet skills.

smallredheartAsk if you can bring anything.  And even if they say no, at least bring the host a bouquet of flowers.  I don’t know of any host that would turn down one of many amazing Colorado-made treats like Ritual Chocolate or Highland Honey.

smallredheartBe on time.  And for some reason if you are going to be really late, let your host know.

smallredheartBefore you leave, offer to help clean up and ensure you say thank you right before you walk out the door.  

Follow your mom’s advice and it will ensure you are invited back.  And, let’s not forget not only is it important to be on your best behavior, it’s also fun to turn heads when you walk in the door…but in a good way!  Please avoid clothing that is too skimpy or tight. Fancy parties are no place for jeans and baseball hat and finally, it’s Summer, so leave those scuffed boots at  home.

As a special aside, Issue 13 will be my final issue of Denver Style Magazine, as I will be moving to New York City this Fall to study Music Technology at NYU.  I will always cherish the time I’ve gotten to spend in the Denver Style community. In particular I want to thank my editors, Kelsey and Heather, for allowing me this incredible opportunity.  You have both taught me so much and because of you I am ready to take on New York in the most stylish way possible. Thank you Denver for everything. #TFT

Wish Gifts:

Puff Ball soy Candle  $35

Huge assortment of cards starting around $5

100 QUESTIONS A Conversation Toolkit $32 – a great way to get to know that new college roommate

Shine Project Earrings $5 – awesome way to support someone who is trying to get to college

Tattered Cover:  The Naked Roommate:  And 107 Other issues you Might Run Into in College by Harlan Cohen This is a must read for all high school seniors

Rockies Tickets starting at $15  Sometimes a gift is almost better when it’s time spent with your friends.  Rockies games are affordable fun, and give you plenty of time to eat hot dogs and catch up with a friend.

Whole Food Market great place for hostess gifts

Ritual Chocolate – made in Colorado

Highland Honey – made in Colorado

Boulder Chocolate – made in Colorado

Talulah Jones

Small blue frame $14

Card $6

Floral Romper $65

Kimino $38

Straw hat $16

Blue Flower earrings $18 Starlet

Pink 3 Stone necklace $23 Starlet

Black Sunnies Shea $48

Clear Sunnies $20 or two for $30 at Starlet

Black Leather jacket $110 Stitch Boutique

Glow Perfume (Wander) $20 Shea Boutique


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