A Million Reasons

The Denver Community is blessed to have Anthony Aragon and David Westman working tirelessly to raise money for so many deserving charities, and I am especially blessed to call them my uncles.  This was my third year performing at their annual fundraiser, Denver’s Got Talent.  The list of reasons why I love this fundraiser is endless, but just to  name a few:

Drag Queens are so much fun to hang out with

Drag Queens are some of the most talented and creative performers you will ever experience

Drag Queens are some of the most loving, open and non-judgmental people you will ever meet

Drag Queens love glitter and dressing up, and so do I

Drag Queens have been a big part of my childhood and I love each and every one of them, including Lushus La’Rell…


and Portia Potty, Gabbriella Butz’In, Iona Trailer, and Nuclia Waste…just to name a few


Another cool part of this evening is the chance for drag groups to compete for money for the charity of their choice.  Congrats to Rocky Mountain Shining Stars who won $1,000 for the Alzheimer’s Assn.    Although I don’t compete, I still get to perform and for this year’s fundraiser I teamed up with two of the members of Play’n Dirty (Joel and Johnny) and we sang Midnight Train to Georgia.  I think “Penn and the Pips” did a pretty good job and for my final number I performed my take on a Lady Gaga song.  I love Gaga and her support of the GLBT community.  Her songs, and charity work, remind me that there are a “million reasons” why all of us should strive toward equality, acceptance and love.

This year’s show benefited the Rose Andom Domestic Violence Center. The Rose Andom Center expects to help thousands of people every year, based on approximately 3,000 domestic violence cases the Denver district attorney’s office addresses each year. Office space is provided to public agencies including the Denver Police Department’s Domestic Violence Investigation Unit, its Victim Assistance Unit, Denver County Court Probation Victim Assistance and many more public and private agencies.  Our show brought in over $20,000 for the Center.  I am so proud to have been a small part of such a hugely successful event.

p.s. in case you are wondering my black dress is from Soignee Elegant Attire! and my pink dress is from Top Shop!  another great thing about performing at this event is I get to do a costume change.



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