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 My name is Penn, my hebrew name is Penina, but I go by
Penn. I’m an only kid with a dog named Viva, a cat named Grace and a Mom and Dad. My dog and cat are both black and white. Because Viva and Grace match, we refer to them as our designer pets. I live in Denver in a very old Victorian house. I started school early because I was always in trouble in preschool, so my teachers thought it best I give kindergarten a try. It was also around this time that I started to play the piano. I’ve been playing for almost 12 years now. In addition to piano, I also play the drums, the cello and I sing in the school choir.

Besides music, I also really like to travel. I’ve been some cool places like Africa, Jerusalem, and the Great Wall of China. I also got to live in France for a month when I was in 7th grade with kids from 14 different countries. Traveling is good because it opens your eyes to new experiences, cultures and strange food.

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