Adventuring Through Ireland

This was our second of three days in Ireland and I loved it! The port was in Dunmore which was quite a ways from Waterford. We took the city shuttle into Waterford and that’s where the adventure began. The plan was to go pick up the rental car and drive into Kilkenny. But, we started off by having problems finding the rental car place and when we finally got there, it was closed! Luckily a super nice guy named Dave was there to get us our car so we could be on our way.

The first stop of self-guided tour was the Kilkenny Castle. It was a stunning building with a very interesting history behind it. I could definitely live in something like it! I made sure to snap Tammy and Clyde’s photo there as well. Right as we were walking out of the castle gates we noticed an old looking train that was getting ready to leave. We quickly ran across the street bought our tickets and hopped into the train car. We then realized it was a 30 minute tour around the town! I loved every second of it and I was pretty amazed that we didn’t hit any walls trying to squeeze through the alleys!

Once the tour was over we did some shopping and my dad bought some Viva cufflinks! (They’re cufflinks that look like our dog😂)  

XoXo – Penn

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