All Choked Up

On my most recent trip to Cali I noticed a new trend that is slowly getting a “choke hold” into Denver. Girls were walking down the beach and the streets wearing super hip chokers and I found some cool ones that might inspire my fellow Denver fashionistas!

The first one I found was this faux agate choker from Charming Charlie that would go perfectly with a flowy summer tank. And not to mention, it’s only $10!


This next sweet daisy appliqué choker is from Urban Outfitters it’s only $18 and would go perfectly with any Cali boho outfit!


Now if you’re looking for a dressier choker that would really stand out with that white dress and summer tan here are two options for you:

Either Forever 21’s gorgeous blue velvet pearl layered choker whose price could compete with my Starbucks latte at only $5.90


Or you could go with a pricier but definitely worth it option like this Hannah Frost $40 black velvet Labradorite choker that I found at the Artists and Fleas market on Venice Beach.


I think by now you can tell that I’m a little “choked up” but they’re just so cute and easy, just like this layered antique gold choker only for $5.90 again another steal from Forever 21.


My favorite thing to do was walk up and down Mission Blvd and visit all of the fun local boutiques like Brillo De Sol and of course I found this great $12 simple choker that goes with any summer outfit.


And my final find was a Blue Denim ribbon choker for only $10.99 at Closet which is yet another awesome local boutique I found in San Diego.


Then of course the minute I get home to Denver I found this super cool choker made by Stacy Sterling. She’s an amazing designer from right here in Denver so make sure to visit her website and check out her stuff!


Well, it’s time for me to show off some of my new chokers and hopefully for all you to go out and find some chokers that best suit you!

To hear more about my recent trip to San Diego just click this link!

XoXo – Penn

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