Go Wolverines!

College is a scary thing, so I figured that I’d try to get a feel for it a few years early. While I was on the hunt for some camps to do this summer, I found a 2 week camp at the University of Michigan. The program I chose was the Summer Discovery, BBYO Business and Entrepreneurship program. The program split us up into groups of four where we formulated a business idea, came up with all of the financials and created a presentation for 3 local entrepreneurs. My group’s product was called MusiMood. The MusiMood was a bracelet that read your temperature and pulse and correlated that with a mood. That mood would be sent to our app which would then play music accordingly. Unfortunately we didn’t win but a very deserving group did. The winning product was called RIP-Rot which was a clip to put in your fridge that can sense when food is going bad. But aside from the short 4 hours of class time we had each day, we got to explore Ann Arbor on our own! So my friends and I shopped and walked around the Ann Arbor Arts Festival, while others were touring “Big House” otherwise known as the largest football stadium in the nation. Some of my other favorite activities included berry picking, the Detroit Tigers game, a tour of the Zingerman’s Bakehouse, and an entire day at the world famous amusement park, Cedar Point!PennMichigan1

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Even though all of these activities were great, I definitely learned a thing or two about the college experience. First, make sure that you learn to manage your time. Every single morning I got myself out of bed at 8 a.m. down to breakfast at 8:30 to ensure that I wouldn’t be late for my first class at 9:30. The next thing I learned was to put a lot of time into finding the perfect roommate. Find someone who is fairly similar to you. Someone who is clean, responsible and fun! The third thing to keep in mind for college is to manage your money. Most days it’s easier to just eat in the dining hall as opposed to going out to eat every day and obviously, it’s much cheaper. And the final thing to keep in mind is your health. College isn’t one of the easiest places to maintain a healthy lifestyle but it’s not impossible. Gyms can be found all around on the campus so there’s no excuse not to go two or three times a week!

After my 12 days at U of M, I learned a lot about college and what it’s really like. And who knows, maybe I’ll become a Wolverine!

XoXo – Penn

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