Girls Night In Styled by JCPenny #ad

I was invited to cover the Girls Night In Event Style by JCPenney and not only are their back to school trends stylish, they are also really affordable.

Some very popular trends that I was noticing were boho, glam grunge, and 70’s/80’s rocker chick. Boho is very popular especially with all of the awesome music festivals that go on and Arizona has got you covered. From dresses to flowy shirts, you’ll be set for  school or a concert! Glam grunge is another trend that I noticed and I love it. The new big piece that is seen in glam grunge is the classic bomber jacket and I’m absolutely obsessed! Not only does JCPenney have some super cute ones with patches sewn on, they’re also extremely affordable! And finally there is the rocker chick trend which I’m also very in to. The great thing about the clothes is they’re still perfect for summer since they feature fun pops of color but, they work for really any season!

I had such an amazing time at the #GNITour by JCPenney and I was lucky enough to cover it with my good friend Arielle! Together, we interviewed the star of the show, Alisha Marie, whose YouTube videos are crazy popular and super fun. Here is what we talked about:

I also thought I would give you some of my “get ready for school tips”:

  Shop for a new backpack and fill it the night before with all your school supplies.

Make a lunch date plan with friends you haven’t seen all Summer

Go to bed early, and layout your new JCPenney outfit the night before

Have a copy of your schedule ready so you know exactly where your classes are

If you are looking for a JCPenney close to you, click on this link and make sure you take advantage of all their back to school promotions it’s #SoWorthIt!

My look:

Arizona Lace up Rib Tee $26.00

Arizona Twill Army Jacket Burgandy $68.00

Arizona Olive Seamed Twill Pant  $48.00

Arizona Galvin Taupe Booties $60.00

XoXo – Penn

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