Bringing Back the Arts 2016

Four years ago First Lady Mary Louise Lee Hancock started a program called “Bringing Back the Arts”. Each year, finalists from High schools within DPS are selected to compete at a FREE concert at The Bluebird Theater for a chance to win $1,000! This program recognizes young artists in Denver High Schools for their accomplishments in music, visual arts and dance. This year myself and Carlo Rincon entered as a duet and were lucky enough to be chosen to compete with six other amazing musical groups. It was a really diverse field of jazz, rappers, rock, and everything in between. We took 3rd place and won $250 and a trophy!  Thank you to all our family and friends for supporting us and congratulations to Use The Sun for taking home first place and $1000! The other cool thing about Use The Sun is that when I went to their website, I noticed that their latest album, “Springtiming” was recorded in loving memory of Simon Katz and Charles Gallione. It’s cool when life comes full circle.


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