Class of 2019 (18) Together Again

So this is how the conversation started, “Penn I’m going to have a reunion of your preschool class, won’t it be fun to get the Lady Bugs back together again?”  I look at her like she is crazy roll my eyes and forget about it.  That was in August.  October rolls around and of course she stays true to her word and into my house walks kids that I haven’t seen since I was three years old.  The funny thing was that we had changed but not that much, because I recognized everyone.  My mom and I spent a few hours going through old photo albums and had laid all the photos out on the table.  Along with a few random things like one of my weekly potty training charts, a note that said I had scratched some kid and got in trouble, and copies of the Lady Bug newsletter.  Right now I know what you are thinking, “who saves all this crap”??  Remember I am an only child so my mom saves EVERYTHING!  Here is a quick rundown on what I learned:

Ruby – So glad we were able to talk again and yes, I forgive you for that tricycle race where you ran into me and left a scar on my ankle.

Mimi – When you were little you were so shy and now you sing, act, do speech and debate!  Wow, you are amazing.

Talia – Every single one of us took gymnastics class, but you were the only one who turned it into your passion and you are so good at it.

Hannah – I am so glad that you no longer just eat chicken McNuggets and I also noticed that you even eat the crust on your bread, good job!  You deserve a Lady Bug gold star!

Maddie – You get the prize for the Lady Bug who made travelled the furthest, all the way from Massachusetts to attend the reunion.  Thank you!  Next time we’ll have the reunion at Disneyland and we can all fly there!

Danielle – So I know we’ve remained friends this whole time.  Yes, we’ve done some pretty exciting things together, like seeing the Wiggles LIVE and who could forget the DORA THE EXPLORER show.  I love you and am so glad we are friends.

Eathan – You get the award for being the bravest boy in the Lady Bug class because you were the only boy that came to the reunion and we are so glad you did.  You were always the most fun to hang out with could always go the fastest in the tire swing.

Now we all have each other’s cell phone numbers (we didn’t have cell phones when we were Lady Bugs) and I hope we continue to stay in touch.  Ok Mom, I will admit it, the Lady Bug Reunion was a pretty good idea.

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