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 Who doesn’t love purses? I know I do and so does Hillary Taymour of Collina Strada. Hillary is the owner/designer of her very own purse line. Not only does she create purses, she has a clothing line as well!


 She started off in California but later moved to New York. And, I was lucky to have the opportunity to interview Hillary all about Collina Strada and her life. Hillary brought her line and her trusty sidekick, PowWow, to Golydn in the Highlands. To read more about Goldyn or Collina Strada you can follow either link. Now for the interview:

P: Did anything from your time in California inspire some of the bags from your line?

H: I’m definitely inspired by nature but my design comes mainly from New York and the colors are inspired more by California.

P: I noticed that several of your bags are solid colors. Why is that?

H: Well we do have some patterns but I mainly try to do color without it being a color. I want people to be able to wear my bags without feeling overwhelmed.

P: Now, especially with my generation, kids are mainly focused on brand names. What do you think about that and do you put your name in your purses?

H: The whole vibe of my line is that you know it’s me without any sort of indication. I don’t want to be a Calvin Klein or something like that,  My main goal is to make something beautiful that may have a following, but I don’t really want to put a label on my bag so you know exactly who it’s from and how much it costs.

P: Speaking of labels, I’ve noticed that celebrities are into that as well. Are there any celebrities that you know of who have one of your bags? Is it something that you’re proud of?

H: Yes, I have dressed a few celebrities like some of the girls from 90210, Chloe Sevigny and Tyra Banks. A lot of people have them and so it’s not an uncommon thing. I don’t make it a priority, and it’s not one of my biggest accomplishments. Right now, I’m dressing an up-and-coming musician who just sold out her tour in Australia.  It’s more fun to work with artists more one-on-one.

P: How did you get into the fashion world?

H: I basically just dropped out of college. I had a teacher who I didn’t agree with and he gave me a C and I never got bad grades so, I went to a fashion school in L.A instead. I was actually supposed to be a doctor but I obviously pursued this instead!

Thanks to Vanessa and Courtney at Goldyn for this opportunity to meet Hillary and of course PowWow!

XoXo – Penn

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