Day 2

Wow today was a crazy day of walking, shopping and exploring. We started the day a little later since we were tired from traveling and hustling the day before. Once we were finally awake and ready to start the day, we were off to get some coffee and a croissant. But sadly, the quickest and closest place that had both things we wanted was Starbucks… Oy… Well at least the coffee was good and I got a new name out of it 🙂 So from now on you can call me Pau! Anyways after we ate of croissants and drank some of our coffee we started making our way to the Rijksmuseum.

What a beautiful museum! It’s in a gorgeous building, it’s huge and there’s so many interesting pieces inside. We started off by finding the Van Gough exhibit and woah! What an amazing artist! Following Van Gough we payed a visit to the Rembrandt exhibit. Once again, what an amazing artist he was. After we felt that we’d traversed enough of the museum, I of course wanted to check out their department store. So, we googled where one may be and began making our way to it.

Later on, we discovered that their “department store” was more like an outdoor shopping mall with several little stores. That was ok though, there was still a place for my Mom and I to shop! After we walked through a few of the stores, we saw the time and went to start the next leg of our journey on the Celebrity Silhouette!IMG_3929 IMG_3933 IMG_3934 IMG_3935 IMG_3939 IMG_3917

XoXo – Penn

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