Everyone is a Princess

Let’s name all of the Disney Princesses new and old: Rapunzel, Snow White, Jasmine, Aurora, Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana, Belle, Cinderella,   Ariel and Merida. The thing I like the most about each of the princesses is that they’re all comfortable being themselves which is a very big problem especially with girls my age. No matter if they are in love with a beast, have a mermaid tail or were raised in a kingdom, they are all trying to be themselves rather than someone they’re not. Being yourself leads to your own happy ending. Being with my friend Ally for a week in Disney World and being surrounded by all of these princesses made me see a lot of us in them.

Ally and I were in Disney World just recently with my grandparents and got to spend some real quality time together. Ally and I have been like sisters since kindergarten. We always know what to say to make each other laugh, and we are definitely very silly when we’re together! Through elementary school and most of middle school Ally would come home with me every Tuesday. We would play-fight on the car ride home, do our homework, of course have a snack, and then hang out until her mom came to get her. Ally is a great friend and definitely a wonderful princess.

But in 8th grade, Ally moved to California which was a really sad day. Seeing your friend of nine years move to another state is devastating. Luckily, we have managed to keep in touch by FaceTime, texting and several forms of social media. The thing I love the most about our friendship is that we are totally comfortable with being ourselves around each other. But, we are still different in many ways. Ally is more out going and a “wild child” if you will. So she’s more like Merida while I’m more shy like Aurora. Plus, I love sleep so of course I would be just like Sleeping Beauty but I definitely have hair like Merida just not red!

My best advice I can give to anyone too scared to be themselves is to be your own princess. Be proud of that crown girl! It doesn’t matter if you have crazy hair like Merida, it doesn’t matter if your best friends are dwarfs and it’s ok if you have a mermaid tail! You are amazing just the way you. And once my friend told me that in 8th grade she was extremely shy and didn’t think anyone was going to like her but she realized that if she continued to be that way she would never be able to talk to people with the confidence she has now. Be your own princess.

XoXo – TFT

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