Have you ever saved all your money for a very expensive outfit for that one special occasion?  Can you remember when you finally had enough in your piggybank and you woke up early and headed to your favorite boutique to finally purchase the dress of your dreams?  You proudly walked in the door and guess what, after all of that, they no longer have your size.  Now what do you do?  You have a big event and nothing to wear!  So you instead buy something else that is on sale, get home, and guess what it looks great on you!  Sometimes the things we think we want can turn out to be the things we don’t need.  And then the things we barely appreciate end up being the best things in our closets.  This was the case with me and A Cappella choir.  I tried out for the top choir at my school, worked really hard, and did not get it.  So, I figured I was “settling” when I opted to join the A Cappella choir instead.  It turns out; I love my A Cappella group.  We call ourselves “Indecisive” (go figure) and it’s a really fun group.  We get to choose the songs we want to sing and the choir director gives us plenty of autonomy on how we perform these songs.  We had our first public performance, and I will let our performance speak for itself, but I will say that regardless, we are a very “Stylish” group!


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