Life is a Cabaret!

I go to an inner city high school that has over 2,000 students, which is larger than some colleges!  When I first got there as a Freshman I was scared to death of passing periods and getting run over by these amazons known as Seniors.  However, now that a year has passed, I’m more confident, taller and more accustomed to the craziness of East High School.

There are so many things that you can do at my school like robotics club (this is for the really smart kids); theater (this is for the really outgoing kids), speech and debate (this is for the kids who love to argue), and my favorite, choir.  East has six choirs.  Last year I was in the Contora Choir for beginning freshman, this year I have moved up to the Mixed Choir.  It’s really awesome to have boys in the choir because their voices add such depth to our performances (as you will hear below in the video I posted with the Mixed choir).  There are so many things about choir that I love, like, learning new and challenging music, singing with my friends, attending choir retreats, choir performances and rehearsing in our choir room that overlooks the Mountains.  But I especially love our teachers, Mr. Taylor (choir director), Mr. Stone (assistant choir director) and Mr. Kingam (accompaniest).  They are the hardest working teachers I have ever known.  They are in the choir room from early in the morning, during lunch and most days after school.  If you need help with an audition, a place to eat lunch or an answer to any musical question, they are always there…you can even email them late at night and they get right back to you!  If you are nervous or scared to perform, they are kind and encouraging.  AND, they also give great fashion advice for what  you should wear on stage (yes, Mr. Taylor, I will not wear birkenstocks with my dress).

This year I auditioned for a solo with my grandpa’s favorite song, Funny Valentine.  Thank you to Mr. Taylor and Mr. Stone for choosing me to perform this song, it made my grandpa really happy.


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