Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This year will officially be my 15th year celebrating Mother’s Day. When I was old enough to finally understand what it was all about, at around 4, I gave my Mom a gift. At school I made her a butterfly pin out of dough and she wore it the entire day. But when the day came to a close, I decided to sneak into her closet and steal it back! Of course that wasn’t the nicest thing to do so, from then on she loves to annoy me about it and bring out the infamous butterfly pin every year. Now that I’m 15 I understand that Mother’s Day is the best day of the year to show our Mother’s how much we appreciate everything they do for us.


So in celebration of our Mothers, I’ve come up with a few gift ideas for all of the amazing Moms out there!

First up is something to help them relax and take a break from their very stressful lives. Floating at Samana Float is the perfect 90 minute gift for every hard working Mom. 


The next gift I came up with is this hilarious patch from Craft Boner because not only is my Mother nicknamed “The Boss Lady”, but every Mom is quite the boss. For more fun gifts check out Craft Boner, a local Denver-based designer. BossBitchPatch

You can never go wrong with a bouquet of flowers! So, get the most special bouquet made for your Mother at Denver’s floral shop, Bouquets, for only $69.95.


Other than flowers or a relaxing float, jewelry is any Mother’s favorite gift and Ora et Labora has it all. For my Mom I picked out the Rhino bracelet since she’s on the board for the Rino Business Improvement District.


Of course every Mother has to have a large purse to carry all of their crazy random stuff and Jaxy Blue has the perfect purses for every Mom. Even though this purse is quite a splurge at $305, your Mom is totally worth it!JaxyBlue

So, to every hard working Mother out there, I wish you the best Mother’s Day!

XoXo – Penn


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