Oak + Rose Statement Ts

Every teenage girl’s wardrobe has to have t-shirts. Why? Because they are easy and cute and when you are busy with school, sports, concerts, or just hanging out, it’s important to have things that are easy and cute. I recently discovered the t-shirt line, Oak + Rose, that is made right here in Denver! The owners of this fun line are Ashley Beebak and Danielle Henderson. These two ladies are just as fun as their t-shirts and they offered some interesting insight into how they started their line.

TFTlogo How did you come to start this business?

10599560_635161763268276_8292567731419295161_n Oak+Rose was started in 2014 out of a common passion and love for fashion.

TFTlogo What are your goals for Oak + Rose?

10599560_635161763268276_8292567731419295161_n Our goals for Oak+Rose are to have a big local following, have recognizable branding and to be distributed nationally.

TFTlogo What has been your biggest success so far with the business?

10599560_635161763268276_8292567731419295161_n Winning two best-in-shows at market and to be invited to have our shirts in the grab bags for celebrities at the American Music Awards 2015.

TFTlogo Who is the artist for the shirts and what is your inspiration?

10599560_635161763268276_8292567731419295161_n We both collaborate on the artwork and the vision for our shirts. We draw inspiration from our children and the beat of life.

TFTlogo What is your favorite part of the business?

10599560_635161763268276_8292567731419295161_n Getting to see our ideas come to life and the interaction with our customers and seeing there reactions to what we create.

TFTlogo Why the name Oak + Rose?

10599560_635161763268276_8292567731419295161_n The name Oak+Rose was inspired by a Shel Sliverstein friendship poem. Our motto is: Stand tall like an oak but always take time to smell the roses.

Besides being a local business, I was also excited to learn about Ashlee and Danielle’s commitment to The Family Tree. They created the Choose the Right Kind of Paradise T-shirt in order to give a percentage of it’s proceeds directly to this innovative human services agency. The Family Tree helps individuals,families and communities throughout the Denver metro area to help overcome and end child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.

 Also, thanks to my male model and “hug expert”, Carlo, for helping out with this photo shoot and my faithful companion, Viva!  And a big shout out to Noah Berg Photography, who always makes me good! Look for more of my favorite local t-shirt brands in Issue #5 of Denver Style on stands June 2016!


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