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Being a teenager can be pretty stressful!  The to-do list can be pretty overwhelming:  homework, sports, music lessons, part-time job, speech and debate, and whatever else myself and all my friends are trying to juggle.  So going out becomes really important in order to stay sane and give yourself a chance to let loose (and buy a new outfit).  However, going out as a teenager can also be rather complicated.  Things like skiing or going to a concert can get pricey.  Oftentimes I find myself at the Mall with my girlfriends, but you can only do such much shopping on a high school budget!  So what’s a girl to do?

Well for starters, don’t just sit at home.  With some friends, and a little imagination, I was able to come up with some really fun suggestions for going out and not breaking the bank.  The first stop on Teen Fashion Takeover’s” On the Town Tour” is Weathervane Café.  This is my go-to place when I need some quality one-on-one time with my girlfriends.   This café is the perfect cozy place to drink lattes, do homework or talk about all the boys you like.  And if you’re talkative like me, your coffee might turn into lunch!  If that is the case, I would highly recommend trying the veggie sandwich or the Weathervane salad.  Now just because you are having coffee, doesn’t mean you go meet your friends in your pajamas!  I suggest a comfy, yet cute outfit that doesn’t wrinkle when you are hanging out with your friends and a cup of joe.    These beige joggers from Pinks of LA are perfect for coffee.  They are draw-string waisted, with plenty of pockets and very soft.  Paired with a brushed cotton turtle neck and a bomber jacket, you are ready to do some serious hanging out.

Now, if you and your friends are looking for more of an active day out, trying heading over to Punchbowl Social!  This place is not only fun, but it’s a great way to get in some good arm workouts without hitting the gym.  There is one fashion statement that never seems to go out of style and that is bowling shoes.  I found this retro body suit from Pinks of LA air paired it with some black jeggings and a graphic jacket, and I didn’t even have to find the right shoes!  This retro look, combined with my rental shoes, was the picture-perfect bowling ensemble.  If you work up an appetite bowling with your friends, may I recommend the Black Eyed Pea Hummus and a mocktail.  Also just a heads up, Punch Bowl Social bowling alley has bumpers, which helps if you aren’t a champion bowler, like myself LOL.

The last stop on my “On The Town Tour” is a visit to Voicebox.  This place is new to the Denver Entertainment scene, and even if you can’t sing, it’s still a lot of fun!  You can rent a booth for up to four hours and sing and dance your hearts out.  They have an app that you download to your phone that allows you access to thousands of songs and a light up board that gives you all the lyrics.  The booths are soundproof, so sing as loud as you want, because nobody else in the place is gonna hear you.  I wanted to feel like a pop star for this outing, so I chose a plaid dress from Starlet, paired with a pendant necklace some lacy boot socks.  This outfit was easy to dance in, but still made me feel like I was could keep up with my friends.  Of course, we are teenagers and we are always hungry.  Lucky for us, Voicebox’s menu does not disappoint.  Make sure you order the bacon cheeseburger sliders, the PB&J cookies and wash it all down with a diet coke (you get 2 FREE refills!).

I challenge all you teens in Denver to grab your friends and go try out my recommendations, and if you need a friend to hang out with, just message me at Teenfashiontakeover.  Also, don’t forget to pick up Issue 8 of Denver Style Magazine featuring me and my friends in boutiques on February 16, 2017!

Coffee at Weathervane:

Cuff bracelet $22 – Common Era

Pendant Necklace $24 – Common Era

Burgandy long sleeve shirt $26 – Common Era

Black Bomber Jacket – $58 Common Era

Bowling at Punch Bowl Social:

Love Me Bomber Jacket $44    – Pink’s

Black, distressed jeggings $45 – Pink’s

USA Body Suit – $44 – Pink’s


Pendant Necklace $26 – Starlet

Wallet $23 – Starlet

Boot Cuff $12 Starlet

Plaid Dress $48 Starlet


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