If you ever have the opportunity to perform in a school play, band or choir concert or even your school’s talent show, do it! I’ve been had the opportunity to do each of these things and although it’s hard work, it’s also so much fun.

I recently performed in my high school “Pop Show”. I performed as a soloist and with my a cappella group “The Acabitches”. Getting this opportunity was huge seeing that I’m only a freshman. But like I said, a lot goes into it and it requires hard work and dedication. The whole process started about 3 months ago when auditions were held for solos. I nervously waited for about 2 weeks to hear whether or not I was in. Once I got in, it continued getting harder. There were rehearsals almost everyday! One day there would be a rehearsal with the teachers, another day would be with my a cappella group and of course rehearsals for the big choir department Prince medley! But all of that was nothing compared to the stress of figuring out what to wear! 

It was especially difficult to decide what to wear for my a cappella group. It was a group of 7 awesome and completley different personalities that clashed at times but luckily,  we all came out of the process still friends! And if you think that working with 7 girls is crazy, try doing two medleys with over 200 choir kids. Now that’s what you call crazy! 

A big show like this wouldn’t have possible without my amazing teachers Mr. Taylor and Mr. Stone. We wouldn’t have our incredible choirs without them so thank you!

Below are a few videos of the performances. I would ask like to thank Patterns and Pops for my super cute dress and to Duman Tailors on Colfax for altering it to fit me!

XoXo – Penn

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