Salwa Empowers

I’m going to start off by saying that this event was amazing. Salwa Owens, a local fashion designer, just recently threw a trunk show at the Hotel Monaco showcasing some of her clothing. When you first walked in, there was a floor length banner that was perfect for taking photos in front of. Once my mom and I had taken a few pictures together, we continued into the rest of the show. The lights were dim, some people were walking around and my old friend from elementary school, Mia Herlinger, was killing it on the electric violin. Just as people started flooding in, my mom and I managed to steal the hottest seats in the house. So, once we had gotten comfortable and had a few diet cokes, we decided to walk around. The first thing I noticed were all of the small stands scattered around the room. There was Pretty ‘Round the City, a pop-up mani pedi provider. There was also the BeautyCounter, an all natural cosmetics line as well as my favorite stand, AIM. This stand was very interesting because  each bracelet that was being sold were made by young children in Cambodia. The back story is very haunting though. Each of these children have been sexually abused in some way so, AIM takes in these children in hopes to protect them from anymore harm. I, of course, had to buy one of the bracelets and the cool thing is that there is tag that says who made it. So thank you Toha for such a beautiful bracelet!

After I had made a couple of loops around the room, my mom was finished with her manicure. We had only a few minutes to look at all of the clothes before it was time for the first fashion show. Oh and did I mention that we had the BEST seats! Every single model came and stopped right in front of my chair so I got some pretty good photos of the clothing. And can I add that Salwa’s clothes fit impeccably. The first fashion show quickly came to a close and we took that time to look around at the rest of her clothes. WOW! The patterns, the style everything was amazing! Even her girl’s line was so cute with the little sparkly pink and black tutus!

All of a sudden, the DJ announces that Devan Blake Jones from American Idol will be performing! He got up there and belted some JT and Mariah Carrey and even an original song. He sure is talented! His performance was sadly coming to a close and then the next fashion show began! Again, Salwa’s clothing fits perfectly and everything she designed is gorgeous.

I had such a fun time at the trunk show and Salwa did an amazing job with it!

XoXo – Penn

P.S. Mia, we should definitely jam out together some time!

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