Singing from the Heart

There are so many reasons to sing:

Because you are part of the East High School choir and all your best friends are choir kids

Because you are sick of doing homework and singing is great way to take a break

Because you are happy, or because you are sad

Because you take vocal lessons from the best vocal coach in Denver, Adrienne Osborn, who challenges you to become the best you can be.

Because you are getting ready to perform and need to practice. Or because you just need to sing from your heart. This past Saturday, I sung from my heart. It was a song for everyone in the audience who has felt at some point in their life that they just didn’t fit in. I sang from my heart and I hope my song touched the hearts of those in the room for the 4th Annual Denver’s Got Talent a fundraiser for the White Rose Scholarship Foundation.

And thanks to all my friends for coming to support me!

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