Squeeze Gut What?

The first stop of the trip was Dover, England. I was not only excited to explore but also to hear people talk! I love their accents! Anyways, we started the day by going to get our rental car. What an adventure that was! We were at a different port than where the rental car place was but we didn’t know that. So, we started walking to where we thought this place but low and behold it was in the east port and that’s definitely not where we were. Long story short, we ended up walking 2 or 3 miles to the east port. At least I wasn’t going to have to go to the gym later!

Oh btw, everyone was driving on the wrong side of the road! Freaky! We safely made it to Canterbury, the first stop of the day. What a nice little town filled with all sorts of shops and things to do. My favorite things we did that I recommend if you ever find yourself in Canterbury is to punt down the river with river boat tours and go eat some fish and chips at The Cricketers Pub. George, our punting guide, took us down the river while showing and telling all sorts of interesting facts about Canterbury. In fact, he was the one who suggest that we should go to The Cricketers Pub so, thanks George!

After Canterbury we made our way down to an adorable harbor town called Whitstable.  Our main goal when we got there was to find this weird alley way called squeeze gut alley. The background behind this alley is that smugglers would bring things through the alleys in Whitstable and this one in particular is so skinny that you have to squeeze your gut. Luckily we all managed to get through which was a major relief.

All in all, it was a good day and I’m looking forward to tomorrow and all of the days to come!

XoXo – Penn

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