Taking a Chance with Street Style

Probably the hardest thing most of us can do is to try something new, whether it’s a strange food, a new dentist or even something as small as a new color of lipstick! Trying new things is uncomfortable and it can make you very self-conscious (and not necessarily in a good way). One of the things my blog has given me is a new sense of adventure and has forced me out of my comfort zone, especially when it comes to my wardrobe choices. High school can be a sea of jeans and t-shirts, where everyone looks alike because they are afraid of not fitting in. My blog has allowed me to experiment with new looks, hairstyles, and makeup. It has also introduced me to new people in Denver who have taught me that going outside the box is not only okay, but it can also be a lot of fun!

I really like the new “street styles” that are being featured in blogs and magazines this Fall.  They are comfortable, hip, and very trendy.  At first I didn’t think this was a look that I could embrace, but as I started to put together my outfits for this shoot, I quickly realized that I really love wearing these edgy pieces. So not only did I put together some trendy, street-style looks, I also went one step further and took some hip hop dance classes at The Gravity Dance Collective. My teacher, Darryl Smith, is not only a great dancer, but he is so patient and encouraging.  He makes class fun and nobody cares if you miss a beat or turn the wrong way.  Honestly I laughed at myself for the entire hour, but by the end I was actually seeing a dancer in the mirror.  The class is a mix of all ages, genders and abilities.  No one is judgmental and everyone is so welcoming!  I don’t think I am ready for “So you think you can dance”, but I have some cool new moves and a fun new look that both make me really glad that I took a chance!  p.s. it was also fun to throw in a few “temporary” tattoos just to give myself some street cred.

There was one more new thing I wanted to try before posting this blog and it was long boarding.  Boarding is also a big part of street culture.  For help, I went to see my friend Lyss who works at Board Life in the Highlands.  She has the coolest job and is an amazing longboarder.


Board Life not only offers lessons but they also help you build the perfect board to fit your size, price range and level of experience.  This Winter, Board Life is moving to a bigger space at 1775 S. Broadway and increasing their production.  Not only can you find the perfect board here, they also carry a wide assortment of shoes, hats, accessories and clothing. In addition, they also stock skis, snowboards and cruiser bikes. I had to ask my dog for a little help getting going on my board, but it was super fun to try it out; however, I think I might stick to dancing and leave the boarding to Lyss.

I guess the moral of this story is take chances, whether it’s with what you wear, who you approach to be a new friend or where you travel in this world.  Life is a journey, and I recommend the road less traveled.  I bet you will love the surprises you find along the way.



Brooklyn Tee – Brooklyn Industries $44

Grey Chelsea Joggers – Brooklyn Industries $58

Olive Cropped Bomber jacket- Forever 21 $27.90

Red Velvet kicks – Zara $39.90

Black sheer shirt – Forever 21 $17.90

Black/White Althletic top Forever 21 $12.90

White Striped Joggers – Zara $25.90

Black Knit Hat – Zara $12.90

Clear Backpack – Zara $39.90

Gold Steve Madden Gold High Tops – Nordstroms $59.90

Temporary Tattoos ranging from $1 to $5


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