The Adventures of Tammy & Clyde: Au Revoir!

It was finally that time, this was the last stop of the trip. But Tammy and Clyde aren’t complaining… they’re going to Paris! As soon as they could, Tammy and Clyde were off the ship with their over night bags on their way to the big city. They decided that on the way they’d make a quick stop at Rouen and Honfleur which are in the countryside. Tammy, being the artist she is, loved all of the different art galleries in Honfleur. 

Only hours later, the two of them were sitting in their hotel room discussing what they should do that night. They finally decided, after a few minutes of bickering, that they’d visit the Eiffel Tower that night. They both fell in love with it the moment they saw it! How could you not?!

After a good night’s sleep, the two of them were back at it. They saw so many things including Versailles, the Pompidou center and even Mona Lisa in the Louvre. And obviously, Tammy loved the Louvre! Sadly, it was time to leave and head back to the ship so, Tammy and Clyde said au revoir to Paris and got on their way.

IMG_4557 IMG_4558

XoXo – Penn

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