The City of Angels

   The “city of angels”. This name almost seems ironic to me after what I’ve seen…

I found that one of the best introductions to the city is the hilarious TMZ tour. This 2 hour tour takes you to all of the celebrity hotspots in Beverly Hills, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood and even El Pollo Loco where Brad Pitt would dress up like a chicken. One of my favorite places was Rodeo Drive where we almost saw Beyonce but fortunatley for her, she got away. Another one of my favorite spots was where Kanye West bumped his head on a sign. The restaurant moved the sign higher…

Here’s where Los Angeles is no longer the city of angels. As you leave Beverly Hills and cross the “money line” into Hollywood you enter the strip where the stars are. There are 2,538 stars on this strip and to get your name engraved on one costs $30,000 but in reality, homeless people just pee on them. So, I wouldn’t recommend touching them! There’s also a very strange parade of men on the strip dressed as Jack Sparrow, Michael Jackson, Transformers and Spiderman. We actually ran into Jack Sparrow in a convenience store and along with his wallet, he kept a bag of pot in his treasure chest.

I didn’t spend all of my time in L.A doing stupid things. I did go shopping and got some really cute overalls. I also got to walk through the Grammy Museum and check out The Taylor Swift Experience exhibit. They had the song book where she wrote “22” on display, as well as many of her past Grammy gowns and guitars. And if that wasn’t amazing enough, there was a light up board you could dance on while they played her hit “Shake it Off”!

I wasn’t in L.A for 48 hours just to mess around, I went to see the 2Cellos concert. If you haven’t heard of them before, my favorite videos of theirs are I Will Wait and Thunderstruck                                

They performed at the Club Nokie which was an intimate space perfect for their show. Not only were they extremely talented, they’re also really funny. I guess I should spend more time playing my cello!

Before we left, we had breakfast at the Original Pantry Cafe. I had a #2 at the counter while watching the cooks make enormous pans of hashbrowns and bacon. Even the toast was the size of my head! Some things to keep in mind when you’re at the Original Pantry Cafe are don’t make a special order because you won’t get it and make sure to bring cash because they won’t take a credit card. When you’re done eating, you take your money to the lady in the cashier cage.

Well now I’m going home to Denver only to get back on a plane to New York for spring break. So until then,

XoXo – Penn


Kanye and Taylor aren’t a great pair…image

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