The Home of The Beatles!

Today was a very exciting day. We were in the home of The Beatles! Not only were we in Liverpool but our tour guide, Phil, was a Beatles fanatic so he gave us the whole low-down on the band. We first started by driving to some of the important places having to do with the boys. So, we saw the childhood homes of John, Paul and George as well as the Blue Angel where the boys first played on stage and where their first drummer, Pete Best, auditioned to be in the band. After we visited the childhood homes of the boys, we went to one of the most iconic places of their career. The Casbah Coffee Club. Not only did we get to see the club, we took a tour with Pete Best’s brother! Rory best showed us which boy painted which ceiling and how they turned their old piano into a mini bar. Once the tour was almost over, I found an old looking paper sitting on one of the amps… and it seemed to be an original setlist! How cool is that!

We sadly couldn’t spend the whole day in The Casbah Club so, we got on to the rest of our tour with Phil. The next stop though was just as cool as the club… It was Strawberry Field! I didn’t think that the day could’ve gotten any better but of course, Phil continued to surprise and amaze me! We continued on to the famous Penny Lane. I obviously had to get my picture with the street sign! How could you not? The final and one of the biggest stops of the day was the Cavern Club. This was another one of the major places that The Beatles played at regularly. I can’t even begin to imagine how cool it would’ve been to listen to them in the Cavern!

Phil had one more surprise for us before we headed back to the ship. We got to meet Freda Kelly, the woman who was the head of The Beatles fan club. For years now, she has carried and given away original pictures of her with the boys and even locks of their hair that was picked up in the barber shop on Penny Lane. She was even kind enough to give us two pictures that she had with her of Paul. What an amazing woman she is.

I will definitely be back in Liverpool very soon not only to learn more about The Beatles but so I can find more super lamb bananas!


XoXo – Penn


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