Squeeze Gut What?

The first stop of the trip was Dover, England. I was not only excited to explore but also to hear people talk! I love their accents! Anyways, we started the…


Day 2

Wow today was a crazy day of walking, shopping and exploring. We started the day a little later since we were tired from traveling and hustling the day before. Once…


Day 1: 2 Locks

It’s been a while! Well in that time that I haven’t been around, I’ve managed to complete my freshman year of high school, play a gig at Highlands Cork &…


On Vacation with Becky’s Buttons

I remember being at the Louvre in Paris on one of our family vacations. We managed to get up close to the Mona Lisa and afterwards I turned to my…

Photo Mar 29

The City Where the Devil Wears Prada

  I love New York. It’s such a cool place with so many things to do! You can take a subway train anywhere you’d like and if you’re in one neighborhood,…


The City of Angels

   The “city of angels”. This name almost seems ironic to me after what I’ve seen… I found that one of the best introductions to the city is the hilarious…


Everyone is a Princess

Let’s name all of the Disney Princesses new and old: Rapunzel, Snow White, Jasmine, Aurora, Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana, Belle, Cinderella,   Ariel and Merida. The thing I like the most…

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