Teen Fashion Takeover Takes to the Skies!

Who doesn’t love to travel? I know that I love to pull out my suitcase for a big trip! But, I also like to be comfortable, especially on those long, overseas flights. My favorite travel travel accessory is a soft, cuddly sweatshirt. However, I don’t want to look like I just walked out of the gym, especially when I’m making my way through the airport! For my October blog post, I enlisted the help of the Denver Style International correspondent (my mom) to grab me some super cool sweatshirts during her recent trip to Amsterdam.  Sweatshirts don’t always have to be paired with sweatpants! In fact, I wish that nobody would walk out the house with a sweatshirt and sweatpants; instead try wearing them over a black romper and even add in a scarf.

Or let’s get really brave and throw on your sweat shirt over a really cute, floral calve length skirt and don’t forget to top it off with some heels! The most important part about wearing a sweatshirt is being confident. Confidence is key!

My mom found this brand, Colourful Rebel, made in the Netherlands, that I’m obsessed with. This Local Girl sweat shirt goes perfectly with a pair of soft, knit striped shorts and oxfords. Très Européen!

And finally, check out this Fall’s trend in sweat shirts that have a button down shirt insert. This striped one looks super cute paired with some soft, baggy joggers. But keep in mind, joggers ARE NOT sweatpants and there are so many cool joggers out there!

I hope I’ve given you some good ideas for dressing up your sweat shirt, and here a few photos from my mom’s shopping adventures in Amsterdam (next time I’m going with). Now, to all my loyal readers, don’t be sad that you can’t get to Amsterdam to shop for these cute looks. Just pick up Issue 7 of Denver Style Magazine, which features me in locally sourced sweatshirts

And, once again, thank you to Noah Berg Photography, what would I do without you!

XoXo – Penn

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